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Your success matters. Let’s achieve it together.

Combining a forward-thinking mindset with extensively experienced industry professionals, this dedicated team is here to proactively partner with you, ensuring you receive the maximum support in addressing the insights generated from the data within Simpliphy.

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Customer Centric Product

Our product is constantly growing and evolving and we put our client's needs at the center. The result is an intuitive interface loved by both administrators and providers.

Data Driven Insights and Reports

Stay updated with comprehensive reports highlighting key metrics, performance indicators, and executive readouts, enabling you to make strategic decisions for your organization.

Minimal Training Necessary

We offer tailored training sessions to maximize your utilization of Simpliphy's features and functionalities. But the software was designed with the end user in mind which requires minimal training.

Risk Free and Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Free Basic Setup. Integration included. Cancel anytime.

Optimize Workflows & Automation

By automating the manual tasks of calculating, reconciling, and tracking, Simpliphy saves time, reduces errors, ensures compliance, and provides transparency.


Created by analysts. Trusted by providers and physicians.

Simpliphy delivers a unique platform that provides a comprehensive approach to provider compensation, real-time benchmarking, contract management, and communication, wrapped in a user-friendly cloud-based interface and mobile app. 
Born of physician compensation analysts and physicians, this solution addresses common challenges faced by administration and providers, saving time, improving provider relations, and increasing accuracy and transparency. Our team features in-house developers who continually improve software, developing new features that deliver innovation to your team.

Simpliphy is more than software, we are community committed to the development of the compensation industry.

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Our Clients

A Partnership To ImproveProvider Compensation

We value the input and expertise of our clients and workcollaboratively to provide a platform that supports theirevolving needs.

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First client
Calculated first billion in pay
Signed first strategic partners
100,000 statements generated
Launched mobile app for Apple and Android
Simplified Pricing, Onboarding Included
Launched SimpliphyPRO
Time Submission functionality added
Launched Contract Management solution


Onboarding designed to get you where you want to go


Initial Data

As soon as the ink dries, your organization will be assigned a dedicated Simpliphy onboarding specialist to meet with you weekly. This phase will focus on data collection from your organization and populating your Simpliphy site.


Tie Out

Configurations and contract setup are the two primary components of this phase, allowing us to work at your chosen pace.


Parallel Testing

Once the contracts are loaded, you will review and verify your data with the guidance of your Simpliphy onboarding specialist. We recommend at least a couple of months to ensure data flows correctly and accurately.



Once we’ve collected essential data, completed tie outs, and conducted verification testing, it’s time for the most exciting step in the process: going live. Get ready to see Simpliphy in action!


Unlock the power of automatic file transfer

Seamless file transfer automation enhances every aspect of your Simpliphy experience.


Less Maintenance

Save valuable time and administrative resources with automated processes and fewer data uploads.


Fewer Errors

Stay on top of procedures with frequently updated data that lets providers review and adjust procedure coding promptly.


Real-time Transparency

Providers receive the most up-to-date procedure information with daily data feeds, highlighting areas of opportunity such as charge lag.


Increased Engagement

Achieve higher provider engagement rates with streamlined processes that encourage frequent logins and active participation.


Learn How Simpliphy Can Work for You

Simpliphy makes it surprisingly easy to calculate, reconcile, and track physician compensation. Contact us today to see how you can help us bring a new level of accuracy and efficiency to your organization.

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