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Simpliphy’s innovative software takes the complexity out of physician compensation.

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Features and Benefits

Manage your physician compensation process more efficiently & bring refreshing clarity to your provider communication.

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Increase Accuracy

By replacing spreadsheets and automating manual calculations, Simpliphy removes opportunities for costly compensation errors.

Streamline Communication

The Simpliphy mobile app enables physicians to view pay and productivity data on demand, and its built-in messaging feature makes it easy for health systems to communicate with providers, who are often hard to reach.

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Ensure Compliance

Physician compensation errors pose a high regulatory risk and complicate professional relationships. Simpliphy continually reconciles and reports what was earned with what was paid, accelerating the flow of information.

Ensure Compliance

Reduce Complexity

Spend less time juggling multiple data sources. Simpliphy makes it possible to manage essential compensation details in a single application.

Reduce Complexity

Scale to Any Size

Simpliphy standardizes calculations and physician communication for hospitals of all sizes, saving valuable time and providing refreshing transparency.


Gain Insight

Simpliphy provides early warning flags for critical categories like fair market value, deficits, and administrative hour caps and integrates market survey data to provide real-time benchmarking detail and management oversight that is difficult to achieve using a manual process.

Stay Current
Stay Current

Add new features anytime. Get automatic updates all the time.

Stay current.

Simpliphy’s flexible framework makes it easy to add new features and compensation models, and automatic updates ensure you’re always operating with our latest version.

Stay Secure

Your Data.

Simpliphy provides regular backups, security audits, data encryption, and more.

Secure your data.

Simpliphy takes your privacy and security seriously. We protect your sensitive information with features that include hourly database backups, daily server backups, regular security audits, data encryption, and more.

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“With Simpliphy, our physician compensation management has dramatically improved. The application has made our processes more efficient and accurate.”

Brenda P|Finance Department

“With Simpliphy, our physician compensation management has dramatically improved.”

Joe Smith|Manager

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